Traditions Imaging

Usage of Digital Media and Copyright Information

For Our Customers

The copyright to digital images is an important point of note. Generally speaking, when one hires a photographer it is implied that, with some exceptions, the photographer retains the rights on the images he or she took. Unfortunately in the process of attempting to keep those rights many photographers use software or obnoxious watermarks to discourage or prevent the spread of their images.

At Traditions Imaging we do not use any software, and will only put a digital watermark in low resolution files that we provide for use on social media such as FaceBook and Twitter. The high resolution files we provide you for printing will never be watermarked and it is not required to use the low resolution files we provide, only requested as it helps spread our name.

It is not our intention to prevent any customer from enjoying or showing the work we have created for them. As such we do not mind you using them in almost any manner, with one caveat. Commercial use, such as selling t-shirts or other items, or attempts to sell our work as your own are prohibited. If you wish to use our photos in a commercial manner please let us know so we can work out a mutually beneficial contract for both our parties.

These permissions aren't limited to print either, you are welcome to have photos we produce for you printed on any media, such as calendars, mugs, t-shirts, etc., as long as you are not selling it.

For Others

Image sharing is quite popular and we encourage it! Unfortunately our site would not likely withstand the load placed by a large group from Twitter or Reddit or whatnot, so please do not hotlink images directly from the site. Re-hosting on services such as imgur is a-ok, but please include a note on where the image came from so that others may have an easier time finding our site.